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Sedna ~ the “Goddess of Vodka”

After spending years perfecting what is now known as the “Goddess of Vodka”, Dr. Hilary Rodrigues discovered a treasure.  

On the island of Newfoundland using the clean, pristine waters from the iceberg, a pure and smooth vodka was born.  When you say vodka, most would think Grey Goose.  Sedna is a much more superior vodka than Grey Goose.  The pure process of Sedna gives vodka lovers a velvety and crisp taste from the first sip to the last, allowing you to be cool and sophisticated enjoying each drop without experiencing a hangover. 

The long and unique process of Sedna vodka using lava rock filtration and metal cylindrical vessel filled with volcanic rocks followed by an activated carbon filtration system and using charcoal not only possesses high absorption capacity and improves the silky taste of Sedna vodka which help eliminate that all so familiar hangover.  The results of this extreme process is a pure spirit free from wild alcohols allowing you to indulge in a premium vodka made with iceberg water, harvested off the coast of Newfoundland.

Sedna means “Sea Goddess” who was a strong and beautiful woman controlling the animals of the sea.  Sedna vodka will seduce vodka lovers with its crisp smooth taste like no other vodka, controlling your vodka desires as the Sea Goddess did with each sea creature.

For all you sophisticated vodka lovers, the only vodka to fit your discriminating taste is the “Goddess of Vodka” ~ Sedna…  So, experience the purest spirit on the planet…

For more information on the “Goddess of Vodka”, click Sedna.

Sedna Vodka

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